We offer a variety of erotic massage programs

If you think that erotic massage is a very expensive pleasure that not everyone can afford, we hasten to destroy this stereotype!

A wide choice of erotic massage programs in St. Petersburg

In our salon men are given a variety of massages, depending on their own tastes and preferences. We are ready to offer you a wide range of options to spend your leisure time in a special way. In addition, it is possible to fill the programs with a variety of extras in order to create a huge range of massages, suitable for you. Salon often runs promotions, so stay tuned to get the benefits of more sessions for less money. In addition to the standard extras to the massage there are also unusual ones, like bathing together with a charming girl or watching the premium erotic visual shows. Do not deny yourself the opportunity to feel in your own body a plethora of incredible pleasure and get a portion of deserved rest after a hard day's work and daily routine.

Luxury apartments for erotic massages
Each massage is conducted alone with the masseuse of your choice in a cozy room with a rich interior, or in a relaxation area, depending on the program. We have tried to create such an atmosphere of surroundings, which would be most suitable for the erotic fantasies of our clients to come true. You become the center of attention during the whole session. What is happening is illuminated by soft warm light, aromas of special oils are in the room, and all this is accompanied by light harmonious music. In addition to getting erotic pleasure you are guaranteed a relaxing effect from the comfortable environment.


Mistresses and the art of erotic massage for men

Each of our girls is ready to provide service to the guest to the highest standard of quality. They will pay their attention only to you during the whole program. Massage, performed by their hands, can be called a true art. But unlike modern art, our is not so expensive and does not require huge investments. Today the art of erotic massage is an affordable form of recreation for almost any man, so do not worry about your wallet. Our salon will help you with the choice of an inexpensive but fascinating program if you are new to this activity. First try out classic types of massage, then try to feel the ground and pick the ones that bring you special pleasure. Once you've made up your mind, you'll find it easier to understand yourself and how best to spend your time.