We invite the most experienced clients to try luxurious Corrida program
of holistic massage

Also as a gift, the client gets showering together with the girl before and after the massage
Corrida 120 minutes EXCLUSIVE

Why you should try the holistic Corrida program

Various extras can be added to the program if you wish

This is an exclusive program of the TORO salon, which allows you to enjoy all the charms and mysteries of oriental massage techniques and extras. Corrida allows you to make an individual program, to combine our menu with the scenario that you like. If you choose this program, you will plunge into the caring hands of a beautiful masseuse with knowledge of all the applied techniques of holistic massage for a full 2 hours. These hours will remain in your memory for a long time because you will not have time to take a break from the received pleasure, so tightly made the program. If the guest wishes there can be two girls at once. All the procedures in four hands will bring double pleasure and satisfy erotic appetite of even the most demanding man.

What does the Corrida holistic massage program include?

The list of practices used is enormous, and possible variations of their composition are even greater. Absolutely any guest will find a suitable combination or choose all at once. Corrida is performed on the basis of erotic body massage.

A list of what Corrida has to offer. You can remove or add any item on the menu of the holistic massage program if you wish:

  • Aqua Cocktail massage
  • Aqua Foam massage
  • Sakura Sprig massage
  • Private dance
  • Lingam massage
  • Peep show
  • Peep show with toy
  • Foot Fetish massage
  • Juicy Orange warm massage
  • Bamboo broom massage
  • Mutual caressing at the client's initiative
  • Touching The Toro beautiful masseuse
  • Seductive lace on girl's appetizing figure
  • Body peeling

The inviting atmosphere
of the luxury spa salon

A special VIP room with an adjacent sauna and swimming pool is chosen for the holistic massage program. Soft subdued light falls on all parts of rich decoration of the room and tight bodies of masseuses, aromatic smells of oils fill the whole apartments, silent music pleases the ear and sets a suitable mood for whole program. As a gift to the program, there is a hookah for every taste, which you can choose from the menu.
Corrida 120 minutes EXCLUSIVE

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Gift certificate

for the program Corrida with discount 10 %