We offer our guests to try new extras to massage programs

Combine dissimilar practices with each other and experiment with your own desires, discovering new facets of possibilities

Combine the massage with any extra you like

All massage programs of the salon are compiled by professional massage masters and are completely independent means to get an unforgettable relaxation. But our extras will help you get most vivid and pleasant sensations. Don't limit yourself in your opportunities, don't close the circle of erotic desires. Try out new massage scenarios and have a memorable erotic experience. Number of all combinations can be counted in thousands, imagine how many doors open before you, entering which gives unforgettable pleasure and relaxation. This means that each guest's program can be infinitely unique. All kinds of extras create a huge scope and variability for true connoisseurs of the art of massage. Once you have made an individual set of massages with extras and chosen an attractive masseuse, all you have to do is enjoy heavenly sensations provided by our beautiful maidens
Order the massage with an extra in a luxury apartment
To ensure that your scenarios and extras resonate in your memory with only the most vivid and pleasant memories, they take place in a suitably luxurious atmosphere. Romantic surroundings and erotic interior details allow the room to exert its influence on giving the most memorable massages. Even with a strong desire, guests will not be distracted by extraneous matters and cares, because they are surrounded on all sides by stylish designs and facilities for the best relaxation and recreation. From now on you are free to be guided by your own preferences and realize your most intimate erotic desires thanks to our innumerable massage extras

Professional masseuses in the performance of erotic massage and extras

Each of the massages, as well as extras, are performed by masters of massage techniques. Their caring hands, sensitivity will play their part in making sure that the guest will be most satisfied with all the chosen treatments. Feel the warm female touch, which will carry you away to the fairy-tale land of rest and pleasure. Massage for them is not just a meaningless action, it's a science and even an art. To perform the massage and extras at the highest level of quality, requires a great experience and knowledge of all massage techniques, which our girls can boast of. In addition, their trim figures will delight not only your body, but also your eyes. Each guest can choose the masseuse they like with stunning appearance, unique character traits and advantages, be it strong hands or the most honed mastery of body-massage technique. Special extras can make the session extra spicy by giving the guest a hot dance performed by the lovely masseuses or a cooling joint shower.
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