Men's erotic club “The Toro” invites clients to the Sixth Sense massage program

Shower with a girl before and after a massage as a gift
Sixth Sense 60 minutes FOOT FETISH

Whet your feelings with the Sixth sense massage

Erotic massage is a matchless classic of the massage art. It is suited for absolutely all men. If some of them want to relax or get their portion of hot emotions, this program is highly recommended. However, a flavor of this massage program is that a man can contrive it by the preferences. A client will get two opportunities. First of all, he can try a sensual technique of massage with female foots which are focused on by a lot of men. Second option is to have a fairylike end which will be achieved with a urologic massage at the peak of the action. Therefore, everyone will find something exciting and enjoyable in this program.

How should you make a choice during
the Sixth Sense massage

Massage lovers know their preferences perfectly and trust their own favors. Some of them adore a look of beautiful and cared-for female foots others like sensations that are given with urological massage. But what do you choose if you have never had such experience and don't know how to decide? Don't worry. Whatever your choice, you will get a lot of bright and colorful emotions, as well as memories which can be a reason of your return and try out second option in this hot massage program.

Best girls for the Sixth Sense massage

Program can include an active work with the hands and even the foots of charming masseuses. It is very important for us that the girls will be able to fulfill both actions. Therefore, each masseuse of our salon controls every part of her attractive and flexible body perfectly. There is no one disappointed and dissatisfied client in our salon. Masseuses are completely devoted to their difficult task as well as they are given to your massage desires. Appreciate their love and care with Sixth Sense program.
Sixth Sense 60 minutes FOOT FETISH

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