The Toro men's erotic club invites men
to try out the Role Swap extra

Shower with a girl before and after a massage as a gift
Role Swap 60 minutes MUTUAL FONDLING BONUS

Stunning Role Swap extra

Role Swap session includes:

  • Mutual Fondling bonus

Role Swap is an exclusive extra for men who want to take the initiative in their own hands. Running through the curves of her body, you give a firework of emotions not only for yourself, but also the charming masseuse. Make your most daring fantasies come true

Take a chance to thank your partner
with the Role Swap extra

Give a young girl masseuse your erotic massage. What could be more exciting and desirable for real men? Try out something you once loved. What you would like to try out. Enjoying a pleasant environment and relaxing music, give her unrestrained tenderness and caress that you've already experienced. Touching all over tender and warm body of a young girl. You can enjoy most intimate places, caressing her beautiful tight forms. The experienced masseuse herself will prompt you with her moans and erotic movements of her body, immersing you in indescribable delight. Do not miss opportunity to get incredible pleasure.

Enjoy atmosphere of exciting intimacy
in the Role Swap extra

Experience the unforgettable atmosphere of our hotel as a masseur in the company of a beautiful young girl. The subdued glow of light and relaxing music, will allow you to get away from the daily hustle. Enjoy the fragile female body and give her moments of pleasure. Relieve yourself of tension and fully give yourself to the exciting process, which is sure not to leave you indifferent.
Role Swap 60 minutes MUTUAL FONDLING BONUS

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