The Toro men's erotic club explains
what a non-intimate massage is

So what is a non-intimate massage

Many visitors to massage salons are often interested in such a question and do not always understand what awaits them. After ordering the desired program, you find yourself alone with a masseuse, who gives you a massage strictly according to the established plan of the program. You undertake to comply with the rules laid down by the salon, the masseuse, in her turn, helps you to have a pleasant time and achieve complete physical and spiritual relaxation after a hard day's work. Your whole body will be in her hands during the session. See quality of our salon massages for yourself.

How does a massage with the final differ

Such sessions are conducted by one or more masseuses and are characterized by a special sensuality of what happens. You should not compare massages with final and intimate services, they are completely different things. Our service is distinguished by the quality and care of our female employees; we do not allow our guests to overstep the bounds of what is permitted. Massage with final differs from other services only in fact that masseuse touches all parts of the guest's skin, including erogenous zones of men, with help of hands or other parts of the body as in body massage. For the stronger sex, it is an especially pleasant and memorable procedure, where everything happens only within the limits of the allowed program.

The best erotic massages
in St. Petersburg are
in our salon

To ensure that every guest can get exceptional pleasure from massage procedures in our salon, we have created the appropriate atmosphere. Lavishly decorated apartments and professional masseuses show the high status of our salon. Tranquility and romantic ease prevail here, the sessions are held in special rooms with soft lighting and pleasant music in the background to make the environment cozier.

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