Rules for visiting The TORO spa
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Visiting rules

Our salon values its status and respects the reputation of each visitor, so we urge you to follow the rules of visiting our salon and take into account some nuances.

  • We are not an intimate salon and we never provide sexual services to clients. Any attempt by a masseuse to engage in an intimate relationship with a client is definitely punishable by dismissal.
  • Our visitors are exclusively people over the age of 18.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring alcohol and any drugs into the apartments.
  • For safety reasons, it is forbidden to bring weapons, both firearms and cold, traumatic, or gas weapons.
  • In order to maintain absolute confidentiality in the salon is completely prohibited photography and video recording.
  • Please keep quiet and tactful during your visit to the salon.
  • Do not try to be aggressive with the massage therapists or other employees of our salon: the administration is vigilant about the occurrence of such situations and in case of violations has the right to ask you to leave the salon without a refund of funds already paid for the service.
  • The salon administration has the right to refuse you a service without giving a reason.

Not only do we introduce bans and restrictions, but we are also ready to provide you with a number of attractive and pleasant bonuses.

  • Erotic massage is not a medical procedure, so it does not require a prior examination.
  • Social status and the thickness of the visitor's wallet are not important to us at all.
  • It is allowed to gently touch the body of the masseuse serving you, as long as this process is not excessively intimate in nature.
  • Our girls will not ask you many questions, but if necessary they will be appreciative listeners and delicately support the conversation.

Let's respect each other, and then a visit to our salon will leave you with only positive emotions.

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