We invite you to an erotic massage with an experienced masseuse Alex
in The TORO spa for men

The erotic massage session for new guests on sale is 3500 rubles
Experienced masseuse ALEX

ALEX is a brunette with long legs. She is like a bright angel who came down to Earth to take you to seventh heaven and give you divine pleasure.

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What are the parameters
an experienced masseuse Alex?

26 years
167 sm.
Breast size
cups A
Sensual erotic massage without reservation and complexes

Alex is ready to give a loving massage to any guest who trusts her gentle hands. Her massage tactics will liberate any man to forget all the embarrassments and discomfort and fully enjoy the procedure. This is main feature of professional massage girls. They can find a way to please any man and make him feel as comfortable as possible. Alex can satisfy the most secret erotic desires and fantasies during her massages. Her perfectly smooth and snow-white skin will have a special effect when rubbing you. You have never felt before such gentle and light movements of a girl during a massage.

Why private ads for erotic massage in St. Petersburg might be dangerous

Pay attention to one quite simple thing when looking for private massage girls. Would you like to get a truly professional massage or just decided to indulge yourself? Wouldn't it be easier to just throw money away? Massage girls must follow certain conditions to make a man satisfied with the ordered massage. They are very important, otherwise, the man will remain extremely dissatisfied with the service rendered and will get an impression of a failed relaxation. Masseuse should be an attractive girl with gentle skillful hands. After all, a man has the satisfaction only of the experienced and well-performed massage techniques. Therefore, the best solution in this situation would be to order a professional massage in a specialized club such as our one. Sensitive and unique approach of the massage girl Alex says it all. A huge number of our clients have already received their dose of heavenly pleasure and are ready to come back to us again.

Experienced masseuse ALEX

Treat yourself to a program featuring experienced masseuse Alex