Master of erotic massage SANDRA at the erotic spa The TORO spa

Erotic massage session for new guests on sale is 3500 rubles
Master of erotic massage SANDRA

Meet the fabulous Sandra, who will definitely not leave you indifferent! When you touch her, love, passion, happiness and a sense of bliss bloom in your heart. Petite fragile Sandra is a sweet sunny sensation of joy and spice. Her skills are truly a golden experience, a sweet delicacy that, once tasted, you will never be able to forget.

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What are the parameters Master of erotic massage Sandra?

20 years
167 sm.
Breast size
cups C

First-class master of erotic massage

Each masseuse of our salon is unique in her own way. In the arsenal of each a huge number of distinctive individual traits and talents. But they are united by one most important fact. Each girl performs massage at highest level of professionalism. This is possible due to knowledge of all kinds of techniques and approaches to massage. Besides mastering the theory, each masseuse has a rich store of experience. Our girls will be able to find a common language with any client. By ordering a service in our salon, you can be sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by sensitivity and care of the hands of each of our girls. Let’s take Sandra, for example. Massage programs performed by her are so popular with guys that they no longer want someone else to conduct massage sessions with them. Sandra remains forever in their souls and hearts.

You will no longer have search phones and private advertisements of erotic massages in St. Petersburg

Searching for phone numbers of private individuals who offer erotic massage in your city is not the best idea. Statistics show that there are many factors that can ruin a man’s rest under such delicate circumstances. One can always stumble upon an unscrupulous masseuse. Her massage can be mediocre and ruin your mood for the rest of the day. There are also cases when a girl turns out to be not attractive enough and does not awaken erotic feelings and an intimate craving for a masseuse in a man. Because of this, the entire session turns into an hour and a half of lying on the massage table without getting much pleasure. In our salon, we believe that everything in massage should be perfect: from the girl’s appearance to the technique of performing the massage itself. Only as long as there is a balance between these points, it is possible to achieve the ideal result and the desired effect. Therefore, we recommend that you use Sandra’s services and experience all her charm and affection.

The magical atmosphere of erotic massage in private with Sandra

When alone with the charming Sandra, you will realize that found yourself in a real fairy tale, in which all the attention of an attractive experienced girl goes to you alone. Enjoy wonderful moments of tranquility, pleasure and relaxation in the apartment specially designed for it. The interior is such that the guest enjoys maximum comfort and feels incredible bliss from the massage. Proper atmosphere is an important factor and the basis for a successful professional massage. Plunge into world of unforgettable pleasure with one of our masseuses!

Master of erotic massage SANDRA

A wide range of programs with the participation of the master of erotic massage Sandra