We give you the opportunity to try a massage from a real massage master Mira
in the erotic club The TORO spa

Erotic massage session for new guests on sale is 3500 rubles
Massage master MIRA

MIRA massage master is a raven-head cute brunette who will give you sensations and emotions that you won’t be able to forget. This chic ass will set you up for long-term pleasure and RELAX.

Master Mira. Photo №1 Master Mira. Photo №2

What are the parameters of the massage master Mira?

22 years
163 sm.
Breast size
cups A

Erotic massages from a professional masseuse

Only professional masseuses who know their business work in our salon. Their thorough knowledge of a variety of massage techniques and a gentle attitude towards clients will not leave a single man indifferent. They can help you unwind after a hard day at work or bring some exciting experience into your life. Any man will definitely add them and their massages to the list of your erotic fantasies and desires. Every real man can find something to his liking and sign up to Mira, a master masseuse. This petite beauty is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Her flexible fingers are able to cope with even the hardest strained muscles of a man. And mysterious notes of her interesting character will brighten up any conversations held during an erotic massage session.

Why is beauty so important for erotic massage masseuses?

To achieve a truly good massage, a girl must not only skillfully master the art of massage, but also look attractive enough. This is very important for men, because they get the main pleasure with their eyes. Representatives of the stronger sex like the fit and slender figures of girls who are able to kindle the fire of passion in them. If girl doesn’t have an attractive appearance, then the massage may be unsuccessful. It will be an upsetting experience for both the girl and the man, after which they may refuse to give and receive massages for good. But thanks to the natural beauty of Mira, you will not be distracted by extraneous thoughts and matters. You will be able to enjoy the moment and strengthen the erotic connection with the masseuse. Sexy lingerie will highlight the most interesting parts of her body and complement her attractive look. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of seeing the beautiful views of this young baby-doll!

Professional classic or Thai erotic massage

Like any girl in our salon, Mira perfectly controls every part of her amazing body. Thanks to this, it will be pleasant to look at her and feel her warm touch on your skin. In addition, the beauty Mira knows a huge number of massage techniques, so you can use the girl's services as part of any of the programs. It can be a standard classical massage or something brighter, like an exhilarating Thai relaxation procedure, which will definitely give you a storm of positive emotions. Or maybe you are a lover of ladies' feet? Then Foot euphoria program was created especially for you. Don’t worry, Mira will be able to fulfill any of your whims at the highest level possible. Find your way in the world of pleasure together with the charming masseuse Mira.

Massage master MIRA

Mira invites you to a massage for any of our programs