We invite new guests to a test erotic massage on promo
in the TORO spa men's erotic salon

Erotic relaxation on promo will give you the most pleasant erotic sensations. The program is ideal for beginners who want to find their place among the expanse of the massage art
Erotic relaxation for 3900 rub.

The most favorable erotic massage on promo

If you are a new guest at our salon, then you will definitely like the test program, designed for an hour-long session. This scenario of the erotic massage is special because it combines the most popular and attractive types of massages. Ordering it at a discount, you will get the best possible experience of the massage practices. Once in a state of the highest bliss, you will look at this type of relaxation in a new way, then you will want to try other techniques and maybe even become one of the professional massage gurus.

The exceptional atmosphere for new erotic massage guests
Especially for new guests, to make their first time an unforgettable experience, we have prepared cozy rooms with all the amenities, in which the procedures will take place. The created atmosphere evokes romantic and erotic feelings for both the man and the masseuse girl. It enhances the mutual erotic connection between people. Therefore, do not be surprised by the particularly hot touches of the masseuse.
The best offer of the erotic massage salon

This massage is the most favorable and extensive for the guest: for such a small amount of money, the client receives a plethora of positive emotions and a whole hour alone with one of the charming masseuses, which he chooses. The experience and knowledge of the girls help to achieve the highest results from the massage and bring the man to the top of the pleasure. The individual and sensitive approach is sure to please any guy who lacks feminine caress and care.

Erotic relaxation for 3900 rub.

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