We give the Shower-Aqua Cocktail extra to all guests who booked
the program

When ordering any program from 6,000 rubles from 6:00 to 15:00 you can include this free extra
Shower with the masseuse

Only you, a shower, and a pretty girl

Just the thought of being alone with a beautiful woman with a perfect body and appetizing forms makes goosebumps run all over your skin. Relaxing and exciting effect at the same time has an amazing influence on mood of the man. Under the water jets, he feels an incredible relaxation and an amazing boost of male erotic energy

Man alone with a charming masseuse in the shower
Join showering procedures give you a chance to admire the attractive appearance of the masseuse, who will soon take care of your body as well. In front of you will be a professional masseuse, giving all her attention only to you. So do not miss the opportunity to give yourself even more time in her fabulous company in such an explicit setting
Even more enjoyable free shower cocktail with a beauty

Just imagine, a new free erotic experience in conjunction with your choice program. Isn't it a miracle to be under one shower with a stunning girl? Any real man would be happy for these blissful moments of joy and pleasure. Make yourself a gift in the form of welldeserved rest after a hard day's work in our elite erotic massage club.

Shower with the masseuse

Shower with a masseuse in any apartment