Program Price for 1 girl / 2 girls
Ero-Massage 60 minutes 4200 / 8500 rub.
Erotic relaxation 30 minutes 3500 / 4500 rub.
Double Relax 60 minutes 6000 / 10000 rub.
Erotic massage 90 minutes 7000 / 13500 rub.
Soap massage 60 minutes 7000 / 10000 rub.
Erotic massage VIP 90 minutes 10000 / 17000 rub.



* Check the conditions of the promotions with the administrator.


In The TORO salon you will find a wide range of sessions and apartments to chill-out and relax
Swimming pool
There is a comfortable swimming pool with a spa in the “Olympus” area
Audio systems and adaptive lighting system
There is a powerful audio system with remote control and an LED panel for relaxation in each area
Apartments with a pole
Large comfortable full-length sofa, pole, room for two
Spa areas
There are saunas with marble tables for massage in the "Olympus" and "Venice" areas
Dance Show and massage sessions
In The TORO space, you can choose a session for relaxation to your liking
Apartments for relaxation
There are 6 apartments for relaxation with a shower and extra facilities in our space


You can view each of the available rooms by clicking on the link provided. On the service page, you will find a more detailed description of the room, which will help you determine your choice. It may also include temporary promotions that are part of the program in these apartments. Don't let the name of the service confuse you, you can rent rooms for a longer period of time. In addition, you do not have to pay separately for each person in your company, if you would like to spend time together. The price per hour is for a group of up to 3 people. Don't miss your chance to feel like an ancient Greek god taking a bath or a real rich man in the Renaissance atmosphere.
*The price is for group up to 3 people



About The Toro Spa

Erotic massage: a hot journey into the world of pleasure
Are you tired of the monotonous office routine? Are you tired of monotonous sexual life and daily stresses? You understand that it's time to change something, but you don't know how? Welcome to our erotic massage salon – a magical world of sensual touches and a unique atmosphere of lusty bliss! The fabulous ambiance of comfort and hot loving of charming massage girls will definitely give each guest a deep erotic relaxation and an unforgettable burst of pleasure.
At the peak of bliss - together with a professional massage girl
It will seem surprising to you, but it is possible to get an enchanting easing of tension without having sex. That is the way our skillful massage girls draw our guests to fireworks. These mistresses have wide experience in performing erotic massage sessions, and excellent skills in various tactile touch techniques, and are ready to begin an unusual erotic journey with you filled with passion and vivid emotions. Please note: our young ladies do not provide any sexual services! Just look how luxurious these hot massage gurus look! A well-groomed body with half-naked charms, lightened by flickering candles, will drive crazy even experienced in carnal pleasures men. Just imagine how the girl’s delicate fingers touching the most intimate parts of your body, her hot breast or mellow tummy gliding over your skin, moistened with oils with an exotic fragrance. Such scenes turn on and excite the imagination, aren’t they? Now all your dreams will become reality because the main goal of our talented massage girls is to fulfill your dreams.
Erotic massage with an individual approach
Erotic massages, which appeared several centuries ago in India and China, still keep giving hot and bright moments of pleasure to men, and sometimes to women. This art is an excellent cure for fatigue and melancholy, because professionally performed erotic massage perfectly relieves tension from every cell of your body, reveals previously unknown G-spots, increases the sexual potential, and energizes. All the masters at our salon really appreciate and respect any whim and the preferences of our clients, take into account their tempers and try to find a special approach to each guest, even if their desires are very bold and hot. Charming massage girls are constantly improving their knowledge of massage techniques, so they know a lot of tricks and subtle aspects that will afford an unearthly pleasure to you. Do not doubt, the session will not end until your body gets complete relaxation and peaceful harmony with your soul.
Erotic massage at The Toro Spa
Our erotic massage salon invites you to join a luxurious cruise on the boundless ocean of sensual pleasures. Our cute masseuse girls are ready to offer you a wide choice of massage sessions because we have a huge variety of options for hot relaxation. If you think that sexy relaxation is a very expensive and unaffordable pleasure for everyone, we are ready to break down this stereotype! Our prices are the most attractive, in addition, "The Toro Spa" often offers promotions, so keep an eye on our bonus programs. Are you eager to enjoy the mastery of the erotic massage luxurious goddesses? Do not waste time, we are open for you all day and night!

Правила посещения салона эротического массажа The TORO Spa
Наш салон дорожит своим статусом и уважает репутацию каждого посетителя, поэтому настоятельно просим вас соблюдать правила посещения, установленные нашим заведением, и учитывать некоторые нюансы.

  • Мы – не интимный салон и никогда не оказываем клиентам сексуальных услуг. Любая попытка массажистки вступить с клиентом в интимную связь однозначно карается ее увольнением.
  • Наши посетители – исключительно люди, достигшие 18 лет.
  • Категорически запрещено приносить в апартаменты алкоголь и любые наркотические средства.
  • В целях безопасности запрещается приносить оружие, как огнестрельное, так и холодное, травматическое или газовое.
  • С целью соблюдения абсолютной конфиденциальности в салоне полностью запрещена фото- и видеосъемка.
  • Пожалуйста, соблюдайте тишину и тактичность во время посещения салона.
  • Не пытайтесь проявлять агрессивность в отношении мастеров массажа или других сотрудников нашего салона: администрация бдительно следит за возникновением подобных ситуаций и в случае нарушения вправе попросить вас покинуть заведение без возврата средств, уже внесенных за услугу.
  • Администрация салона имеет право отказать вам в получении услуги, не объясняя причины.
Мы не только вносим запреты и ограничения, но и готовы предоставить вам ряд привлекательных и приятных бонусов.

  • Эротический массаж – не медицинская процедура, поэтому не требует предварительного прохождения комиссии.
  • Для нас совершенно не важен общественный статус и толщина кошелька посетителя.
  • Разрешается нежно прикасаться к телу обслуживающей вас массажистки, если этот процесс не несет чрезмерно интимного характера.
  • Наши девушки не будут задавать вам лишних вопросов, но при необходимости станут благодарными слушательницами и деликатно поддержат беседу.
Давайте будем уважать друг друга, и тогда посещение нашего салона оставит у вас исключительно позитивные эмоции.

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