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Men's Club
of Erotic Massage

The work in the salon The Toro
Vacancy "Master of Massage"

Salary: from 80,000 to 180,000 rubles

Key skills: communication skills, stress resistance, goodwill

Employment: partial, shift schedule

The TORO spa announces the recruitment of girls to the post "Master of Massage". The TORO spa will teach you relaxation techniques in the field of leisure, as well as you will receive training from the best masters of St. Petersburg with many years of practice. If you like to spend time with interesting people and work in a friendly female team, then this work is perfect for you.

We offer:
  • opportunity to earn from 80 000 rubles per month (plus bonuses)
  • daily payouts
  • free education
  • individual schedule with the ability to combine with study
  • convenient location in St. Petersburg (m. Obvodny kanal)
  • young and friendly female team
  • 24 hour security vacation at a convenient time for you

  • age 18-33 years
  • pleasant appearance
  • goodwill
  • stress resistance
  • sociability and positivity
  • a desire to work
Phone: +7 911 228-66-90 Администратор

Vacancy "Massage Salon Administrator"

Salary: from 40,000 to 80,000 rubles.

Key skills: communication skills, stress resistance, goodwill

Employment: partial, shift schedule

Your duties:
  • welcome guests
  • answer phone calls
We offer:
  • official employment
  • convenient location in St. Petersburg (m. Obvodny channel)
  • female team
  • vacation at a convenient time for you
  • young and friendly team
  • opportunity to combine with study
  • goodwill
  • stress resistance
  • sociability and positivity
  • 25-35 years old

If you want to know more about this job or want to become part of our friendly team, contact the administrator in any way convenient for you, by phone +7 911 228-66-90 Администраторor via online chat. We will answer all applications.
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Light music, dim light, delicate fragrance of incense, exquisite bedding, and next to you is a beautiful and gentle girl – doesn't every man dream of such an atmosphere? Romantic candles flickering and the gentle sound of a waterfall, will certainly put you in the mood for a pleasant stay and full relaxation. The apartments have everything for an unforgettable experience of ultimate recreation. We ensure each guests' complete comfort by attending to every detail of the interior of The TORO Spa salon leaving you with a feeling of amazing bliss.



About The Toro Spa

Erotic massage: a savory journey into the world of pleasure
Are you tired of the routine of the office? Tired of the monotony of sexuality and daily stress? You understand that it's time to change something, but you don't know how? Welcome to our eromassage salon - the magical world of erotic touches and the unique atmosphere of sensual bliss! The fabulous aura of comfort and caresses of charming masseuses will definitely give each guest a full-fledged erotic relaxation and a flurry of unforgettable pleasure.
At the peak of bliss - with a professional masseuse
It may seem surprising to you, but it is possible to get enchanting relaxation without intimacy. These are the skills of our masseuses, the abilty to bring visitors to ecstasy. Having vast experience in conducting eromassage sessions, and skillfully mastering multifaceted techniques of tactile touches, these masters will go with you on an unusual erotic journey filled with notes of passion and vivid emotions. Consider: our young ladies do not provide any sexual services!

See how spicy massage gurus look gorgeous! A well-groomed body with half-naked charms, playing highlights in the light of flickering candles, these carnal pleasures will drive you crazy. Just imagine the tender hands of a girl touching the most intimate parts of your body, how a hot girl's breasts or velvet belly slides over your skin, moisturized with oils smelling of exotic aromas. This description stirs the imagination, does it not? Now all your dreams will become a reality, because for the masseuses of our salon the fulfillment of your dreams is the main goal of their talented work.

Erotic massage with an individual approach
Eromassage, which appeared several centuries ago in India and China, continues to give sharp and bright moments of pleasure to men, and sometimes to women, even today. This art is an excellent remedy for fatigue and blues, because professionally performed erotic massage ideally relieves stress from every cell of your body, opens up previously unknown erogenous zones, increases sexual potential and energizes.

All the masters of our salon truly appreciate and respect the whims of our clients and take into account his temperament, trying to find a special approach to each guest, even if his wishes are very bold and frank. Charming masseuses are constantly improving their knowledge of massage techniques, so they know a lot of tricks and subtleties that will give you a truly unearthly experience. Do not hesitate, the session will not end until your body receives complete relaxation and comes to peaceful harmony with the soul.
Eromassage from The Toro Spa
Our erotic massage salon invites you to a luxury cruise on the endless ocean of sensual pleasures. Lovely masseuses are ready to offer you a multi-faceted choice of massage programs, because there are a lot of options for spicy relaxation.

If you think that erotic relax is a very expensive and not accessible pleasure for everyone, we will hasten to break this stereotype! Our prices are the most attractive, in addition to this, "The Toro Spa" often offers promotions to its guests, so stay tuned for our bonus programs. Eager to enjoy the mastery of the luxurious goddesses of erotic massage? Do not waste your time, our doors are open for you around the clock!

How to find us
29-33 Borovaya Street,
St. Petersburg
m. Obvodny Kanal
We accept
Rules for visiting the salon
Rules for visiting the erotic massage salon The TORO Spa
Our salon values its status and respects the reputation of each visitor, so we urge you to follow the rules of the visit established by our administration and take into account some of the nuances.

  • We are not an intimate salon and never provide sexual services to clients. Any attempt by a masseuse to enter into an intimate relationship with a client is clearly punishable by her dismissal.
  • Our visitors are exclusively people over 18 years old.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring alcohol and any drugs into the apartment.
  • For security reasons, it is forbidden to bring weapons of any kind
  • In order to maintain absolute confidentiality, photo and video shooting is completely prohibited in the cabin.
  • Please observe silence and tact when visiting the salon.
  • Do not try to show aggressiveness towards massage masters or other employees of our salon: the administration vigilantly monitors the occurrence of such situations and, in case of violation, has the right to ask you to leave the institution without refund of funds already paid for the service.
  • Salon administration has the right to refuse to provide service without explaining the reasons.
We not only introduce bans and restrictions, but also are ready to provide you with a number of attractive and pleasant bonuses.

  • Erotic massage is not a medical procedure, and therefore does not require a preliminary doctors examination.
  • For us, the social status and thickness of the visitor's wallet are completely irrelevant.
  • It is allowed to gently touch the body of the masseuse serving you, if this process is not of an intimate nature.
  • Our girls will not ask you too many questions, but if necessary they will become grateful listeners and will delicately support the conversation.
Let's respect each other and then visiting our salon will leave you with extremely positive emotions.

18+ Intimate services are not provided
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